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Six reasons to choose LED Christmas lights this year

LED Christmas lights are a little bit more expensive than traditional Christmas lights, but there are many good reasons for this. Here are six reasons why you should make the savvy switch to LED this Christmas: #1 – LED lights save you money LED lights consume a lot less energy but emit the same amount of […]

The definitive guide to LED light bulbs and spotlights

Looking for more information about LED light bulbs and spotlights? You’ve come to the right place. Our product experts have compiled this comprehensive guide to help you find the perfect LED bulb or spotlight for your needs. We cover everything from Kelvins to Lumens, Voltage to Wattage, so you can make the savvy switch to […]

The definitive guide to LED strip lights

LED strip lights allow you to get creative anywhere in your home thanks to their versatility and flexibility. From adding a vibrant dash of multicolour to your wardrobe and bedroom, to creating a modern and subtle ambience in your kitchen or bathroom, the options you get with LED strip lighting are pretty limitless. To get […]

The definitive guide to LED Christmas lights

There’s much to love about the festive period: mulled wine, presents, feasting until you pop. It’s also a great excuse to light-up your entire home with an eclectic mix of dazzling colours in the form of Christmas lights and decorations. Christmas lights aren’t just for the tree either. There are lots of different types and […]

Top ten questions about LED lights answered

LED lights have been around for a while but are still relatively new to a lot of people. To help you get started, we’ve answered ten of the most common questions about LED lighting. 1. How do LED lights work? LED (light-emitting diode) light sources work differently to traditional lighting sources, such as incandescent. Incandescent […]

All You Need To Know About Choosing Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Changing a light bulb is one of the easiest yet most effective ways of reducing energy consumption and cutting carbon emissions. Simply replacing an incandescent bulb with an energy saving alternative can cut electricity use by up to 80%. The Energy Saving Trust believes that lighting accounts for 8% of household electricity costs in the […]

Installation of LED – The New Lighting Technology Trend

Unlike other traditional lights which require bundles of cables and drain a lot of power, LED lights are much simpler to use and easy to install. The cluster of these miniature size lights are fixtures made in such an efficient way that they are capable of illuminating any area of your choice. Installing LED lights […]

Advantages and Application Area of LED Lighting Technology

Light emitting diode or LED technology is a new sensation in commercial and residential lighting applications. Every dark area that needs to be brightened and every object that needs indication is now becoming lively with LEDs. The reason is simple, world is striving to save energy, and LEDs are stars in field of energy efficient […]

Hampton Bay Lighting Replacement Glass

Hampton Bay Lighting Replacement Glass If you save at Home Depot, by then you’re definitely starting to get acquainted with Hampton Bay Lighting Replacement Glass and in case you do not, a game plan is waiting for you! These rooftop fans are a sublime, irresistible response for the person who is looking for a high-level […]

Hampton Bay Lighting Net

Hampton Bay Lighting Net Hampton Bay Lighting Net can be an impressive lighting option when particular lighting is needed. For example, you may need to appreciate in a masterpiece or region a slight frivolity about a discrete component of the construction in your own home. Hampton Bay Lighting Net provides basically complete structures so that […]